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Sales Strategy


We assist in reliably measuring your organization’s growth potential by determining the scale and scope of potential buyers within a market - allowing you to capture a greater share of the total addressable market.
In order to harness your company's full growth potential, oftentimes both internal and external routes to market must be optimized. We aim to improve how you identify, negotiate and manage channel partner relationships in pursuit of your goals.
Informed customer segmentation can provide an invaluable look into the why and how of your customer’s buying behaviors. To effectively group customer segments, we draw insights from complex internal and external data sets.

We help implement the changes necessary to extract your team’s full growth potential. By incorporating change management throughout our process and designing with the “end in mind”, we’re able to steer your sales operations towards higher performance.



Sales roles contribute disproportionately to your organization's overall success. We develop the job responsibilities, role clarity, and competencies to help you hire the right talent for your team.
We ensure you have the right representatives in the right roles and develop strategy for calling on the right accounts at the right times. We aim to establish efficient coverage of the total addressable market.
A good organization design clarifies role accountabilities, sales processes, and improves the efficiency of the team and its work methods. We help design your organization to fit to your needs while aligning to industry benchmarks.

We craft sales organization designs that maximize growth. Defined, transparent roles and appropriate resource allocation are essential in building a functional and efficient sales organization structure. Our insights and strategies are rooted in the specific needs of your business to ensure high performance in covered markets and segments.



Our goal is to help you secure, grow, and retain your customer base. We discover important insights about new or existing customers that can inform the strategy used to expand and manage your accounts.
We help you identify the best prospects for your sellers and build fit-to-purpose sales processes in order to improve ROI.
To cover the market efficiently, we help you match the opportunities to the effort and deploy your sellers effectively, ultimately leading to an increase in sales growth.
We offer simple tactics to break down role accountabilities and gaps in coverage to improve the efficiency of your team and their ways of working.

We seek to improve the efficiency of your market coverage by identifying missed and mis-covered opportunities. Refocusing teams on the ideal set of targets and activities for each specified type of customer drives higher return on sales investment.

Sales Performance


Quota-setting is the key connection point to a successful incentive design. Our insights provide confidence for your goal-setting process.
We design motivational incentives that drive the right behaviors and align them to company goals while clearly articulating strategy and providing focus to your sales teams.
We provide an unbiased market view based on benchmarking surveys and role framework insights to help you make decisions on pay and align your job architecture.
Effective sales organizations have a solid understanding of competitor behavior. We are able to both leverage broad industry surveys as well as conduct custom surveys to gather the fact base you need to inform your sales effectiveness strategy.

Your sales team is the ultimate driver of growth. To drive sales productivity, we focus on increasing motivation, providing ample recognition, and creating frameworks that ensure accountability. We utilize our extensive experience and data science capabilities to develop optimal quota setting strategies, incentive plan designs, and compensation structures.

Revenue Operations


We utilize sales analytics and AI to sort through large datasets and pull key figures that inform your sales strategy decisions.
The long term success of your sales effectiveness initiatives depend upon effective governance. We provide the policies and tools to enable you go drive sales effectiveness and ultimately improve your organization’s performance.
We take a structured and thorough approach to ensuring the transition to your new inititative is as smooth as possible. We help mitigate organizational issues by building change management into every aspect of our delivery.
We create communication materials, enablement tools, and administrative guidelines to streamline your field communication efforts. Our approach is customized to your unique needs and internal capabilities.

We help implement the changes necessary to extract your team’s full growth potential. By incorporating change management throughout our process and designing with the “end in mind”, we’re able to steer your sales operations towards higher performance.


Fundamental Analytics

Our analytics-driven approach uncovers important insights early. We combine modern data science techniques with large, disparate data sets to develop actionable recommendations.

Bespoke Approach

In order to act as an extension of your team, we craft the approach which best suits your unique needs. If no source exists for the benchmark you need – we can create it for you.

Embedded Durability

To achieve sustained results, we prioritize finding solutions that set you up for long-term success. We proactively consider and mitigate administrative burdens.



"Collaborating with RevenueShift has been transformative. Their expert orchestration in devising sales rules of engagement fostered seamless collaboration across our global sales force, leading to enhanced customer relationships and a substantial uptick in successful outcomes."

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Joshua Gregg

Vice President - Strategic Accounts

"As the Chief Revenue Officer of Open Systems, partnering with RevenueShift proved instrumental. Their adept guidance in strategically reorganizing our sales force not only facilitated our growth trajectory but also positioned us to seize new market opportunities with confidence."

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Chris Raniere

Open Systems
Chief Revenue Officer

"Engaging with RevenueShift was a strategic decision for Estee Lauder. Their adeptness in developing and implementing a highly accurate sales forecasting model significantly enhanced our sales compensation strategy, contributing to substantial improvements."

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Sean Jackson

Estee Lauder
Executive Director, Global Sales Capability
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